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Navigating Nationals as a 3-Weapon Fencer

Author: Nickolys Hinton Editor: Casey Leming *Disclaimer: I don’t actually recommend following the actions described in this post and going to Nationals a 3-weapon fencer. It's...anything but easy or straightforward. However, I’m a 3-weapon fencer, 3-weapon referee, 3-weapon coach, and I just love being out on the piste as much as possible! I’m so, so glad that I fenced all 3 weapons at Nationals because it taught me so much! The athletes operate faster, more intensely, and yet, somehow, more smoothly than in any other event I’ve competed in. Video replay just simply does not do them justice and I can only hope that I can bring home some of what I experienced to convey to my students across lessons going forward. Fencing aside, I hope this post can help future Division fencers when they travel to Nationals; especially any other solo-traveling, 3-weapon fencers, with events spanning multiple days! Though there’s resources out there for family tr

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