IMPORTANT: Proposed new division bylaws posted for comment

SUBJECT:       Revised Harrisburg Division Bylaws

DATE:             February 17, 2016

TO:                  Harrisburg Division Members

FROM:            Harrisburg Division Executive Committee


As you may know, amending the Division Bylaws has been “on the books” for a number of years, but an unrealized goal. However, that has recently changed. The Division now has revised the Bylaws, and they are available for review.

The last Harrisburg Division Bylaws change on file with the USFA is from 1995. Subsequently, a number of areas of the current Bylaws are out of date. For example, there is language addressing the participation of the Division in the Mid-Atlantic Section, and qualifying for the Sectional Championships. There are no longer Sections in the USFA. There is also language addressing members of the Division attending the USFA Congress meetings. The Executive Committee also took a close look sanctioned and un-sanctioned competitions; registered clubs and non-registered clubs.

The approach to the revision was predicated on first, keeping the Bylaws straight-forward and having an easy flow to them, while keeping the language uncomplicated.

As resources, the Executive Committee used the existing Bylaws; USFA Sample Bylaws, and also reviewed Bylaws from the surrounding Divisions for comparative purposes.


The revised Harrisburg Division Bylaws are posted on the Documents page for your review and comment. The comment period ends at the close of business March 2, 2016. Comments may be directed to Andrew Nightingale at:, or be sent to 205 College Ave, Elizabethtown, Pa 17022.


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