Sanity returns to epee wiring rules

A couple of years ago (right before the 2013 Keystone State Games, actually), the USFA suddenly decided that there was something nefarious about feeding epee wires through the tunnel in the socket that was expressly designed for them. All of a sudden, it was a capital offense (or at least a yellow card) to wire epees the way they had been wired for, well, decades.

Fortunately, cooler heads have finally prevailed:

Allowing epees to be wired with the wires through the “tunnel” is the way the rules are enforced at every international tournament including World Cups, World Championships and at the Olympic Games.
Therefore, effective immediately, USA Fencing will change its interpretation of the rule to be in alignment with the rest of the world and permit epees to be wired in either fashion, either outside the tunnel or through the tunnel. 
The Harrisburg Division will with great pleasure revert to permitting epees wired in either fashion to pass inspection. 


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