FYI: USFA Collegiate Competitive Memberships

In sanctioned events, all fencers with a USFA "Collegiate Competitive Membership" must be on the current roster for their college, or NCAA team. The USFA must have record of this roster. The college, or NCAA team, must also be a USFA Member or Affiliate club.

To avoid delays in processing ratings changes, it is recommended that tournament organizers send a list of those with a Collegiate Competitive membership to Sarah at  before the event. She will compare the organizer's list to hers and notify the organizer of any discrepancies. The organizer must then contact the college team's administrator to request that a current roster be sent to Sarah. Currently, there is no database of college or NCAA team email information. The USFA website has a Clubs list, but only includes a phone number and physical address: 

The Division is considering creating a database of club administrators' names and emails that can be updated and used as a resource. More info will be posted about that in the future.

***6/22/17: UPDATE***
Per the USFA, all Collegiate Competitive Memberships will remain in pending status until it can be confirmed that they are on the roster for their college or NCAA team. Any Collegiate Competitive membership in a pending status is not eligible to compete in any USFA sanctioned tournament. 
If such an event should occur, and to preserve the sanctioning of any Harrisburg Division tournament, one may upgrade to Competitive Membership at the tournament. Any discrepancies, or "after the fact" refunds, will be handled by the fencer and the USFA, not the tournament organizers.


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